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Post  aramil001 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:54 am

As a fairly new person here (not even accepted), I thought that it would be nice if the forums would be spruced up a bit.

Structuring of the forums
------------------------------------Current Structure of the forums.
-General Discussion
-Server Info


General Minecraft Discussion.

---------------------------------Proposed Idea
Well there's a bit of info that could go here, and they could be sorted into a few major groups.

--Server Related (Server related news, server change etc.)
--Forum Related (Forum upgrades etc.)

General Squabble
-In game speech
--General Chat (General stuffs)
--Designing of the Kingdom (the talk about how the kingdom will be designed as in layouts, standardized housing methods, etc)
---City Planning/layouts (a section that would be more in detail, and a sub-forum for the royal decrees of the royal family in regards to housing)
---Requests (Requests with justifications on why they need it)
---Orders (Orders for the kingdom/merchants who are not online)
-Drunken Babble (Spam section)

-Server Suggestions (Discussions about rules? A court of law or something?)
-Website Suggestions (Discussions on how the website could be improved)

Also if you want, I can find a skin for the forums if you would like.

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Re: Forums Style

Post  Izanag on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:20 am

These ideas are pretty good but these forums are pretty rubbish. Heres what I suggest to add to this Razz, I've used forummotion before and didn't like it so I would recommend signing up for free web server hosting and installing smf on it. Smf is much better forum software than phpbb and with the free hosting you won't be as limitless as to what you can control here.

I would recommend using "" for the web host they are very good and give a good amount of free space and bandwidth and you never get any lag at all.



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