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Djoser's Application! Empty Djoser's Application!

Post  Djoser on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:02 pm


POSITION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE: army! and rise up while aiding the clan! Id like to become one of the royal guard, or part of the AC squad! (although id rather go out at night and hunt more than just creepers)

WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: This server sounds quite interesting, also, I do enjoy rpg-based servers because I find minecraft a perfect way to visualize epic fantasy! lol I also like the castle and kingdom idea.. I want to help out! it sounds wicked! i also seems like a good community and a good server..

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS(OPTIONAL): fan of Starwars! lol im also good at fighting mobs and Ive conquered tons of adventure maps, I have experience in adventuring in minecraft! been playing minecraft for some time now, but Im new to the forums and the idea of a clan! I hope I get accepted!


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