The Brickbuster Castle/Company

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The Brickbuster Castle/Company

Post  brickbuster27 on Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:55 pm

'Ello, people of Cardia! I am creating my own town and corporation. Please read the information below if you are interested:

My personal town is being built by lead architect Psiko, and the current design is as follows:
10 medieval German-style houses, a center square, 5 storefronts, my personal castle, an inn, the Brickbuster Minecart Company Central Station and Corporate Headquarters, 5 lots that will be sold to private developers for 10 diamond each, outer wall, and exterior farmland. More houses will be built as more people move in.

Brickbuster Minecart Corporation:
CEO: brickbuster27
Chief Financial Advisor: Shnep97
Lead Station builder: TBC
Lead Track Layer: TBC

Price list:
For those who wish to connect their towns, houses, buildings, farms, etc, there are two types of stations that we can build for you:

1. Small Minecart Station
Price: 10 diamond
Description: This is similar to the first two minecart stations built on Coe's quest, and is meant to accommodate the needs of individual owners.
Features: 1 Double Booster
2 minecarts
Connection to our railway system

2. Deluxe Minecart station:
Price: 100 diamond
Description: Based on the station design of Necramar, Our deluxe station is best for kings, lords, knights, and anybody with a sh*tload of diamond.
Features: A LOT of boosters
15 Minecarts
Cart dispenser
Can be wired for multiple destinations
Complex arrival/departure system

Our actual railway itself, along with the stations, will be built underground 15 spaces below sea level to preserve the aesthetic appeal of Cardia and to avoid impeding construction, so a water ladder or elevator may be necessary to reach your station.


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