Job ideas (engineer and builders)

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Job ideas (engineer and builders)

Post  TGSlasher on Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:27 am

The current job system has miners, lumberjacks, farmers, medics and hunters and i would like to suggest builders and engineers.

Basically builders build things for pay. Everyone in minecraft can build stuff i suppose and some people have their own style of architecture. But builders could be added as a job so that someone in the world could have a house being built for them while they are off on their job. Builders could also be contracted by the higher status kings and queens or royal guard leaders to expand on the kingdom or construct forward outposts or towers at mining areas, etc. If the castle was to have a specific type of architecture then the builders could learn it and easily replicate it around the world.

-Up to the rulers to decide. Builders would help if you wanted uniform and/or a way to construct things while players are doing their jobs

Engineers blow things up. Well that's a bit over powered, they actually handle all things red-stuff as well as buttons, doors, switches, etc. Engineers would have to know about some of the circuits. A trusted member of the engineer team could be trusted with the tnt for removing hills that get in the road of the castle's expansion or other tnt related events. The leader of the engineers would have to have royal gaurds posted to protect him/her (in case of pvp server or just so no mobs allow his precious tnt to be lost to possible other players)

-Being medieval rp server this would be up to the rulers if they would like powered devices in-game. Red-stuff is an awesome part of minecraft and would like to some input on whether it should be in or out for the server.

Those are some of my ideas. Discuss ....

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Re: Job ideas (engineer and builders)

Post  starwarsfan35 on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:39 pm

Well, These two are already official jobs.

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