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Post  venmita on Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:47 pm

IN GAME NAME:Venmita (premium)

POSITION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE: Archer, Farmer(Restaurant)

WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: This server looks amazing! Well, the i haven't been on the server yet but all the stuff i read about and and the whole idea is so awesome! I looked for a couple of weeks (yea, srs) for a good RP server but all of them were...well. either boring or just extremely stupid. THIS SERVER ON THE OTHER HAND looks awesome and I really think that its ideas are great. I would love to join this server.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS(OPTIONAL): If im allowed to join I will try to make an archer skin. Camouflage, cape, something awesome. I LOVE the bow and arrow, not just minecraft but also real life. And im not really a miner, more a farmer (food). I just have a couple more questions. Do I just get all the suplies one time and then i have to make things myself or can i get them for free? When I join a kingdom, do i have to pay tax? And do I need to go trough something official (fill out a form, pay tax) if I want to have a restaurant?



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