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Post  lichlord9333 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:35 am

hello ive applied on the minecraft forum too but it has been left unanswered for 3 days i don't want to sound impatient so ill just post this here and wont do anything else untill accepted

IN GAME NAME: Lichlord9333

POSITION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE: Guardsman,archer or builder whatever one you feel in more need

WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: Im very interested in rpg play and in a good friendly community who of course likes a laugh or 2 Wink)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS(OPTIONAL): in building just tell me what you want wall,house,outpost,castle,warehouse;do note if your server has any you have unique features you need to give me an example on how to build and to use it then ill be fine Smile

any constucts with redstone stuff like traps and etc im less experienced in but im learning

my sword use is avaragely good but ill manage given that i have food to heal
archery is my best display then again im an assasin type too Very Happy


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