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Post  kakarot40k on Fri May 13, 2011 11:16 am

Minecraft name: kakarot40k

Job: ummm I guess I would wanna either be a soldier or a hunter. any one of them is fine.

Why I would like to join: well I have been looking for a server like this and I think this is the best one. And I also want to be on this server because it seems really mmorpg and that's my favourite genre of game Very Happy

Additional comments: I really like the thought of having like a hunter shop on a Minecraft server or being on of the soldiers on the front line killing zombies spiders and skeletons, working a cannon maybe. I would be soooo cool!!!!

oh and also when SDK's gun mod updates to beta 1.5_01 you should get that on the server so the soldiers could be like proper army men with guns, grenades, parachutes, night-vision goggles.


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