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Post  Ralon1337 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:22 am

Minecraft Name: Ralon1337

Job:I would like to be a guardsman or something, however, i would also accept being a Tree farmer, sounds cool...

Join Reasoning: I would like to join because my friend Jaco101666 told me about this server and it sounds FREAKING AMAZING, But i have yet to see it so i can't really know.

On the few other servers i play on i am respected- generally. Ive been told im random, i don't see it. ill probably piss a few people off within the first week but i won't mean it ill just be in a bad mood. TBH im just looking for something to do and this server looks quite fun.
I am good at:
Messing around
listing things
Listing " listing things " in my list of things "

Not much else Neutral

And now this emote thing because it amuses me. afro

My email is zeareth@hotmail.com



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