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Entity321 Application

Post  entity321 on Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:04 am

IN GAME NAME: Entity321
POSITION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE: Building/Mining/Lumberjack
WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: looking for a decent RP server to play on, since the update, it looks like the game can only go up so id like to give it a shot and see what i can come up with. on a server that my friends and i had it was just a basic sandbox, i feel my best creation was our rail network or my old flag ship complete with under deck living.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: played the game for a while now, my intrests in building, my obsessive neatness and perfectionist state is a good drive to build higher, build stunning halls, houses and so on, and my love for mining in the game. i spent hours just digging, making a rail to hall all the gold and the sparce diamonds that i could find just to have a safe that was covered in gold blocks, diamond blocks and chests full. nothing beats the feeling of seeing your building admired, and nothing beats that adrenalin rush that you get when you brake into a cavern look about a second and see a block of diamonds!
i think id make a good addition to the standing crowd that you have currently on the server, and with all the new things that have been put into the game recently, im finding more and more creative ways of utilising these things, just so many posiblitys!
little about myself:
im 20, im a pc tech working for a company you guys from the uk might know... The Tech guys! Razz
playing games is what i live for, but finding a creative use of my skill at my older proffesion being a joiner is the thing i aim for.
perfection is only a few blocks of coble and an iron pickaxe!
thanks for reading.


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