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Post  Muffins on Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:50 pm

Hey, my name is BananaMuffins Razz Or atleast my minecraft name.
POSITIONS I WOULD LIKE: There are actually quite a few positions I would like to apply for in this server Very Happy I could take the position of Medic, Farmer, Creeper Squad (Cause we all love creepers) Builder and maybe an archer in the army, I noticed somebody suggested Engineer corp? That sounds cool I'd be down for that.
WHY I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: I really like the idea for this server for one because I love the medieval era Very Happy and because I've been looking for a nice RP server for a while after a server I was on got shut down do to griefing Sad
OTHER COMMENTS: I have some experience building ( From some servers and from many single player worlds) and my specialty is Airships Smile
I'm also tired of all the open servers where everybody griefs everything...
I hope you accept my application! pig



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